Fortnite x Fall Guys Update Gets Delayed to Summer

Fall Guys' addition to Unreal Editor for Fortnite has been pushed back.

Last month, Fortnite announced that Fall Guys would be coming to Epic Games' mega-hit via the Unreal Editor in Fortnite (UEFN) program. The mode has been rumored for quite a while and the launch of new modes like Rocket Racing, Fortnite Festival, and LEGO Fortnite kicked those rumors into high gear. In many ways, that official announcement was music to fan's ears as it meant that Fortnite would soon be getting one of the more fun casual multiplayer games in recent memory. Unfortunately, the team announced today that the Fall Guys debut in UEFN has been pushed back a few months.

Fall Guys UEFN Release Delayed to Summer 2024


The announcement of the delay comes from the official Fortnite Creators Twitter account. There, the team doesn't give an in-depth reasoning behind the delay, instead saying, "They need a little more time to cook." Of course, the issues here likely have to do with getting the Fall Guys' physics. Nailing that feeling is important for fans, so seeing the team take extra time is only good news.

Plus, it's not like players will have to wait too long to check out Fall Guys in UEFN. Originally, it was supposed to be out in May, though we didn't have a specific date. By pushing it back to "Summer 2024," the worst-case scenario is the update drops on September 22nd, the last day of summer this year. Most likely, players will have Fall Guys in their hands by August at the latest, assuming there isn't a further delay. 

Fortnite 2024 Roadmap

Recently, a huge chunk of Fortnite content was leaked for 2024. That included new Fall Guys content in the battle royale mode, which could be related to UEFN, but might be a separate drop. Outside of that, Fortnite Battle Royale is also rumored to be getting new events featuring Metallica and Pirates of the Caribbean. Fortnite OG is also seemingly coming back with Chapter 2 later this year. Given the success of Chapter 1, it's no surprise to see it popping back up for another go-around. Finally, Fortnite is seemingly getting an entire season themed around Marvel in August, which supposedly includes new Fantastic Four content.

That's only the tip of the iceberg though now that Epic has three more major modes in Fortnite. It was recently made official that Fortnite Festival is getting Billie Eilish content, but the rumor claims that fans will also get Metallica, Karol G, and Snoop Dogg later this year. Unfortunately, the rumors about a Taylor Swift collaboration haven't come to fruition yet. LEGO Fortnite is getting a big crossover with Star Wars next month and Rocket Racing should get at least four chunks of new content during the year.

Fortnite is available now on PlayStation, mobile, Switch, Xbox, and PC platforms. Fall Guys is available on PlayStation, Switch, Xbox, and PC.