Fortnite Getting New Update, Additional Content On The Way


Fortnite has been getting a great deal of attention since it finally released last month for consoles and PC, but some users have noticed a few slight problems with it since its launch. Fortunately, Epic Games is more than prepared for the situation, having uploaded a new update that remedies a few issues.

The patch, which is free, "will help us diagnose the cause of future crashes," Epic Games added in the Major Known Issues section of the game's page. "We will continue to investigate crashing related issues."

The following fixes have been applied:

  • Corrected a crash caused by particle effects on all platforms
  • Corrected a crash caused by slotting a survivor into a squad on PS4
  • Corrected a number of smaller issues causing crashes on PS4
  • Corrected an issue preventing PS4 players from joining a game session
  • Repair the Shelter caches fixed to provide the correct rate of nuts and bolts.

On top of that the publisher confirmed that a new update will be coming in September, also free of charge. Titled Survive the Storm, it will add an extra mode to the game, as well as additional weapons and enemies to take on. It's expected sometime either at the end of August or during September.

Fortnite is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.