Fortnite Ghostbusters Content Seemingly Leaked

Fortnite has been gearing up for the Halloween season, and it looks like that will translate to some new Ghostbusters content in the game. A car that appears to be the Ecto-1 hidden under a sheet has been discovered by @GamingMatrix, and @FortTory has uncovered code related to the series. It remains to be seen when these might be officially revealed, but it stands to reason that fans can expect to see Ghostbusters content added any day now. Epic Games just pulled back the curtain on this year's Fortnitemares event, so it seems that players will have plenty of Halloween-related content to enjoy over the next two weeks!

The timing of the crossover is particularly interesting, as Rocket League (also published by Epic Games) is also in the midst of a Ghostbusters crossover, at the moment. While the franchise has remained culturally relevant since the original movie's release in 1984, the timing is a bit curious. Of course, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, a fourth film in the series, was supposed to release over the summer, but was postponed thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. It's possible that the crossovers with Fortnite and Rocket League were planned to tie-in with the new film, but it's impossible to say for certain.

Regardless, the original Ghostbusters remains one of the most beloved films of all-time, and promotions related to the series are not uncommon during the Halloween season. Ghostbusters skins would be a very welcome sight in the game, and driving around in the Ecto-1 would be pretty cool, as well. Until Epic Games makes an official announcement, however, Ghostbusters fans shouldn't get too excited. But with Halloween just around the corner, fans should be ready to strap on their Proton-Packs in the very near future.

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