'Fortnite' Gifting Is Now Live On All Platforms, Plus Why It's Not Available on iOS


Gift Giving is an awesome feature in online gaming that gives players a chance to spread the love a bit to their friends. With part of Fortnite's charm being their wacky cosmetic items (Hello, Dino onesie!), this feature would be wildly successful within this particular community. After having been confirmed months ago, the team over at Epic are finally ready to have this feature available for all as confirmed in their latest blog post!

According to the studio's most recent blog post, "We know that many of you have been eagerly awaiting a gifting feature and today we're excited to announce that for a limited time we'll be offering it with the release of our 6.31 update! This initial gifting period will last one week after the release of the update."

As mentioned in a leak earlier this year, the latest feature unfortunately won't be available on iOS devices "because Apple's policies prohibit it." Still, with how many platforms this game is available on, it's great news to finally see Gifting arrive!

As for how Gifting actually works, Epic Games laid out a full how-to to make sure that everyone can utilize the new feature immediately. In the Item Shop:

  • Select "Buy As A Gift" and you'll be able to choose which friend you want to send the gift to. You can then add a custom message if you would like. After that, you're done! Your friend will receive a gift box with the item the next time they log in.
  • Make sure you have Multi-factor authentication enabled on your account. If you're not sure how to get this setup then check out the instructions here.
  • You must have been friends with somebody for at least 48 hours before you can send a gift to them.
  • You will only be able to gift three times within a 24 hour period.
  • Any gifts that are purchased are NOT refundable.
  • You can only gift an item that is currently available in the Item Shop.

Not interested in Gifting? You can also disable receiving gifts from others in your Account Settings - it's super easy to do!

An important thing to note is that the first wave of gifting will only be available for a week so that Epic Games can garner fan feedback for tweaks. If you want to partake, you're going to have to act quickly!