Fortnite Players Have One More Weekend to Spend Their Gold Bars

Fortnite players who’ve been saving up their Gold Bars throughout Season 5 shouldn’t stay too [...]

Fortnite players who've been saving up their Gold Bars throughout Season 5 shouldn't stay too attached for them for too much longer. That's because players only have one more weekend to spend their Gold Bars in their Fortnite matches before their stockpiles are reset and they have to start anew. Epic Games confirmed as much in an overview of the Season 6 plans and said to spend them while you've got them.

The Gold Bars, for those who may have forgotten since the start of the season, were only just added at the beginning of Season 5 as a new currency available on the island. You can earn them through finishing quests, bounties, by eliminating other players, and finding them tucked away throughout the island, and you can trade them with NPCs for loot or upgrades. Some of the best features of the Gold Bars are that they're persistent which means they don't go away between matches and stay attached to players' accounts and they can't be purchased with real money, so only your in-game actions will add to y our Gold Bar stashes.

Since this is the first season that Gold Bars have been in play, however, there was some uncertainty as to what would happen to the Gold Bars once the season ends. Epic Games cleared that up when it shared details about the Season 6 plans and confirmed that players' stores of Gold Bars would be reset when the new season starts.

To help players make the most of whatever amounts of Gold Bars they've saved up, Epic Games has discounted the prices of Exotic Weapons from now until the end of the season. With that discount in play combined with the fact that the Gold Bar counts are about to reset, now's not the time to be stingy with them between now and March 16th.

"Exotic Weapon prices have never been lower!" Epic Games said. "Characters on the Island have recently increased their stock of Exotics and are now exchanging them for Bars at a huge discount. Grab all you can carry and let chaos reign before your cache of Bars is reset at the end of this season to make room for exciting improvements in Chapter 2 Season 6."

Fortnite's Season 6 is scheduled to start on march 16th.