Fortnite Teaser Hints At New In-Game Event Involving Massive Monster Battle

Looks like robots are coming to Fortnite, or maybe just one, giant robot, to take on the Polar Peak monster. Whatever the case, it looks like Epic Games is once again teasing and leaving behind bread crumbs leading to the next in-game event on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. The teases begin with Donald Mustard, Fortnite's creative director, who has teased many in-game events in the past in cryptic fashion. More specfically, Mustard tends to tease upcoming in-game events via Twitter and his "location" in his bio.

This time, Mustard begin by changing his location to "Preparing," then "Planning," and then finally to "Pressure Plant," suggesting something is about to go down at Pressure Plant. But the bread crumbs don't end there.

Another hint has been dropped in the game involving Fortbyte 52, which is located in Pressure Plant, and its description reads: "Accessible with Bot Spray inside a Robot Factory." Of course, this seems to hint that Pressure Plant is being turned into a Robot Factory.

Right now the current theory is a giant robot, possibly a giant bear robot, is being assembled in order to battle the Cattus monster, also known as the Polar Peak monster.


Since the initial discovery, files with assets of the robot have been discovered, revealing that's massive, and that the Cattus monster is even bigger.

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