'Fortnite' Players Are Still Finding the Infinity Blade After It Was Vaulted

Fortnite’s Infinity Blade was supposed to be removed from the game after Epic Games said it [...]

Fortnite's Infinity Blade was supposed to be removed from the game after Epic Games said it would Vault the weapon, but players have reported they've still been able to find it in-game.

The Infinity Blade was added recently as the game's next Mythic weapon, the first of that weapon type being Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet that was added for a Limited Time Mode. This Mythic weapon, however, was found in normal game modes and wreaked havoc on players by providing its wielders with significant buffs and allowed them to strike down enemies with a few swings. Epic Games announced it would be Vaulting the weapon to remove it while the team worked on reevaluating its approach to the Mythic items, but according to recent evidence, the weapon isn't totally gone.

In one highly-upvoted post on the game's most popular subreddit, a streamer by the name of Quemzi was shown playing a game where the Infinity Blade was found. The streamer was understandably surprised to see someone wielding the sword since Epic Games announced on December 14th that it would be removing the weapon. Quemzi's clip above shows him spectating another player who wielded the Infinity Blade despite the fact that it was supposed to have been Vaulted.

After encountering the Infinity Blade again, the streamer started another game and went back to the location where the sword should've been found, but it wasn't there, so it's unclear how the first person was able to get the weapon in the first place.

Other players backed up the evidence as well with their own anecdotes about encountering the Infinity Blade. One player said they could confirm the weapon was in one of their recent games within the past day, too, but said the weapon wasn't sheathed in its normal starting point at the beginning of the next match. As Quemzi mentioned above, Fortnite's restrictions on watching replays from someone who's from a different region prevented some people from watching replays to see where the sword-wielders got it from, but the player in this situation said their console wasn't recording at the time.

In response to the players finding the weapon in-game, Epic Games' community coordinator Sean Hamilton said "Thanks for the ping, we're looking into this now." No further updates have been given yet, but Epic Games will likely address the situation somehow after the problem with the un-Vaulted Infinity Blade is investigated.