Fortnite Leak Reveals Female Version of Midas Skin

Fortnite skins release so quickly that there’s always a new favorite to replace the one before it, but back in Chapter 2: Season 2, the Midas skin from the battle pass was one of the most coveted cosmetics players could get. The antagonist of that season was obtainable deep within the battle pass, and it looks like Epic Games is set to again capitalize on his popularity soon with a new type of skin. Fortnite datamines done after the game’s recent update have revealed that a female version of this Midas skin is supposed to be coming to the game soon.

Falling in line with the same gold-plated theme Midas boasted, this new skin is said to be called “Marigold” and can be seen in the image below which was shared on social media this week. Like many of the other most popular skins, this one appears to come in more than one variant and has different cosmetic accessories like unique pickaxes to go along with it.

While the skin hasn’t been released yet, it’s been determined from the datamines that it’ll be available to purchase with V-Bucks when it makes its debut. It’s a different way of distributing the skin compared to how Midas was locked behind the battle pass, but given how popular Midas was and how much attention Marigold has gotten already, buying this skin won’t be too much of a dilemma for many people. Some challenges will also supposedly be released alongside the skin, according to the leaks.

If this sort of skin looks familiar outside of simply resembling Midas, it’s likely because you’ve seen it on social media prior to this reveal before it ever officially became a part of Fortnite. The artist who goes by kitsunexkitsu on Twitter is responsible for the Marigold concept and will soon see the idea come to fruition when Marigold is officially released.

When that release happens remains to be seen, but we’ll know through Fortnite’s official Twitter account and in-game notifications as soon as the Item Shop is updated to include the Marigold skin.