Fortnite Leak Could Tease New Suicide Squad Characters

A new Fortnite leak has indicated that some characters from DC's recently released film, The [...]

A new Fortnite leak has indicated that some characters from DC's recently released film, The Suicide Squad, could soon be coming to the game. Although it's currently unknown whether or not this leak is teasing future skins, or if it instead is referring to skins that developer Epic Games has since scrapped plans for, the characters in question that might be coming over are definitely fan-favorites.

Details of this recent Fortnite leak come by way of Hypex, who has been one of the most well-regarded insiders when it comes to Epic's battle royale title. According to Hypex, new information has recently been found within the data of Fortnite that featured mentions of two Suicide Squad characters. Notably, those characters happened to be King Shark and Weasel. While both characters appeared in DC's The Suicide Squad, King Shark is definitely the more prominent of the two. In reaction to this leak, a number of fans quickly began expressing that they would love to see the lovable shark make his way into Fortnite down the road.

As mentioned, the main problem with this leak is that we're still unsure about whether or not these character mentions could indicate plans to bring both King Shark and Weasel into Fortnite in the future. Although their names were found in association with the game, oftentimes, we'll see characters mentioned within data leaks of this nature only to see them never come about. While it seems clear that Epic Games at one point had plans for Weasel and King Shark skins, it's unknown whether or not those plans will still result in actual skin releases.

Still, if this leak does end up coming to fruition, how would you feel about seeing King Shark or Weasel appear in Fortnite? Would you purchase one or both character skins for yourself? Share your thoughts with me either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.