Fortnite Adds New Limited-Time Mode That's Basically Among Us

Fortnite is getting a limited-time mode that’s a totally new experience for the battle royale [...]

Fortnite is getting a limited-time mode that's a totally new experience for the battle royale game, but if it looks a bit familiar to some players, it's probably because you've played or at least seen Among Us. The new Fortnite mode called "The Spy Within" looks to capitalize on the appeal of figuring out who's the fake and who's legit and will be available for a limited time starting on December 15th.

Like some of the other game modes created and available for limited times in Fortnite, this mode was built by Fortnite players themselves. An end date for the mode wasn't announced in Epic Games' post ab out The Spy Within, but you can start playing it right away starting on Tuesday.

"Starting December 15 you can jump into The Spy Within LTM playlist that features new Spy Within games built by a very talented team of Creators," Epic Games said. "Shout out to DolphinDom, KKSlider, Bunni_, Wert, Blanky, jstKamui, MackJack, Ritual and Snownymous for everything. Every few days, a new Spy Within game showcasing their work will be featured in the LTM playlist."

To play The Spy Within, you can find it in the limited-time playlist once you hop into Fortnite. Players load into the match assigned to different teams with two players playing as the Spies while everyone else known as the Agents are on the other side. Sound familiar yet?

After being assigned to teams, the eight Agents have to try and figure out who the two Spies are. The Spies have to try and eliminate the other players while the Agents have to collect gold coins by completing tasks to ensure that it's their side that wins.

Nobody's allowed to talk to one another in this Fortnite mode unless players have called a meeting which can be done at any point once players have determined that something suspicious is going on. Players can choose to vote people out by eliminating them in hopes of correctly choosing the Spies to get them out of the game and have the Agents win the match.

While you can communicate via voice chat, Epic Games also suggested players opt for the video chat feature it added not long ago.

Aside from inspiring massive games like Fortnite to copy its formula, Among Us had other bigger news to share on Tuesday. The game is now available for the Nintendo Switch which makes that the first console the game has landed on.