'Fortnite' Map Getting Halloween Makeover

fortnite halloween
(Photo: Epic Games via FNBR)

As the new season and time of the year suggested would happen, Epic Games is slowly transforming Fortnite's map with Halloween decorations.

If you were to turn on Fortnite right now, you'd notice that houses in Pleasant Park now look fit to greet trick-or-treaters and even Tilted Towers is getting in on the fun by hanging ghosts on lamposts.

If you can't turn on the game right now, don't worry, you're not missing out on any drastic changes, just some environment dressing and such to get you ready for a month of Halloween-themed Fortnite content.

It appears Fortnite is going all in on the holiday seasons at this point, which makes you wonder what it will have in store for winter. Will fans finally get a snow covered map? Will Epic Games add a gingerbeard house location? Will players be able to have snowball fights? Who knows, but judging off what it is simply doing for Halloween, you have to imagine it's going to go big for Christmas and the New Year.

The Halloween makeover also has players wondering if we'll see the return of some of last year's Halloween skins, chiefly Skulltrooper, who has long been in demand as one of the rarest and most coveted outfits in the game.

The fact that Epic Games teased Skulltrooper in its latest Season 6 trailer seems to imply that he -- and likely Ghoultrooper -- will be returning in a future store update.


Also, given that it's not even October yet and Epic Games is already rolling out the Halloween decorations, may suggest that this is just the beginning, and that the entire game will get an entire, more drastic Halloween-themed overhaul come Halloween week. That's at least the current speculation in the corners of the game's community.

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