Fortnite Missile Launch Event, Watch Here

Epic Games has already said that the end is near for the finale of Season 4 in Fortnite. As they gear up for Season 5, players got to get in on the celebration with an incredible missile launch in-game, the very same that was discovered shortly after Season 4 went live! This game after a week of build up with players reporting sirens sounding from the Snobby Shores Evil Lair, and now that incredible scale of hype has finally paid off! Check out some of the different perspectives of the event below:

From the video above, the launch seemed to be opening up portals - the frantic nature of the event can definitely be felt during this stream! With the scar shown now in the sky, watch as the event unfolds in the video above, as well as different angles below:

Players world-wide got into the game to explore the mayhem. What does this mean for Season 5? Was this a catalyst for future events? We're excited to find out what the future holds from Epic Games! We can't wait for the new season, which promises to be "bigger than ever" with tons of surprises - including huge map changes!

We even compiled a list of some our favourite reactions, which can be seen here. Community events like this are incredible. In an age where it seems that there's nothing but fighting within our niche of society, to see everyone pull together like this for a common cause, even for a simple event, truly is a powerful reminder of how much this community means to many.

Were you able to witness the launch event yourself? What do you think this means for Season 5? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below and hit us with your best theories!


The latest update is now live on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, and iOS devices! Interested in what else is new? Check out the full patch notes right here!