'Fortnite' Mobile Beta Now Available on Android

The Fortnite mobile beta has finally made its way to Android devices, and is rolling out as we speak. Fortnite has been playable for months on iOS, but Android runs on a much broader, much larger pool of devices, and the team at EPIC Games took their time optimizing the experience for a certain spec demographic. To that end, they've released some recommended specs, which you'll find below:

  • OS: Recommended Android 8.0 or higher, 64 bit

  • RAM: Recommended 4GB or higher

  • GPU: Adreno 530 or higher, Mali-G71 MP20, Mali-G72 MP12 or higher

If you've purchased or upgraded to a new phone within the past three years, you shouldn't have any issue running Fortnite, though you will still have to deal with the touchscreen controls which, if you're used to playing on a console, will not be ideal. Bluetooth controllers may be compatible with the game eventually, but at the moment, you're stuck with the touchscreen controls.

Keep in mind that EPIC Games is sending out invitations in waves, so even if you registered for the Fortnite beta, it may be a matter of hours, or even days, before you get an invitation to participate. Invites rolled out consistently but slowly for iOS users when the beta launched on iPhone, so be patient.

The Fortnite mobile FAQ has been updated after the launch of the Android beta. Here are a few of the most important questions and answers:

Is Save the World coming to mobile?

No. Save the World uses much more memory and CPU than Battle Royale and would be very difficult to bring to mobile devices.

Does Fortnite on Android support mouse and keyboard?

No, there is no current support. If you use a keyboard and mouse on Android, you will be removed from the match.

Will there be voice chat?

Not initially. Later, we plan to support voice chat.

Do you support rooted devices?

No, we do not currently support rooted devices. We're looking into the possibility of supporting rooted devices in the future, provided we can find effective anti-cheat solutions.


Why am I receiving an error when trying to log-in even though I'm on a supported device?

We're aware of an issue that's causing players on supported devices to receive an error prompting them to join a "Waiting List" to gain access to Fortnite Beta on Android. We've identified what's causing this and are investigating the issue to work towards a fix.