Fortnite Leakers Tease New Deadpool Fishstick Skin

Some new information about unreleased Fortnite skins have hinted that there might be another [...]

Some new information about unreleased Fortnite skins have hinted that there might be another Deadpool variant in the works, but there's a catch: The skin could've been scrapped entirely. Several Fortnite leakers teased the existence of a new Deadpool skin this week that's so far been referred to as a Deadpool version of "Fishstick," the bipedal fish character who's become so popular in Fortnite throughout the past couple of seasons.

Both HYPEX and ShiinaBR teased the existence of the Deadpool-ified Fishstick on Twitter on Wednesday alongside news of some other skins that Epic Games is supposedly working on. As ShiinaBR mentioned, these are ones that Epic Games either has worked on in the past or is still working on, but there's no indication that they're still in the works. HYPEX event mentioned that the Deadpool Fishstick skin was "probably scrapped," so just in case that is indeed the fate of the new cosmetic, try not to get your hopes up for it.

Other skins hinted at by the Fortnite leakers included "Toon Meowscles" and "Toon Fishstick" among others. Based on the wording of the tweets, the other skins outside of the Deadpool one and perhaps the Toon Meowscles skin seem likely to get their releases.

While Fortnite is no stranger to crossover skins with different characters and particularly with superheroes, Deadpool's in-game cosmetic was one of the first to be much more involved than a simple skin in the Item Shop. Deadpool's secret hideout was added to the game, too, as a way for players to explore his hangout while completing his challenges to acquire the skin and other cosmetics. It wasn't the first skin nor the last, but aside from the simple appeal of it being a Deadpool skin, it's release left a lasting impression.

Though he doesn't have quite as much pull as Deadpool, Fishstick has become a fan favorite as well. That's partially why it was so surprising then to see that Fishstick was sacrificed in the Batman tie-in comic Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #4.

There's no telling when, or if, these skins will release in the Item Shop or if they'll be available through other means, so keep an eye out for Epic Games' official announcements to know whenever they get added to the game.