Fortnite Streamer Ninja Teases Big Announcement

Well-known Fortnite streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has made several announcements in the past few months. Some of these dealt with his streaming career such as his move to Mixer while other capitalized on his streamer success and pertained to different partnerships and opportunities. It’s unclear what his next announcement will be about, but something is being teased for Wednesday, and Ninja’s followers have ideas of what the news might pertain to.

Speculation about Ninja’s next announcement first began when he tweeted about the upcoming news early Tuesday morning with a link to his Mixer stream. Jessica Blevins, Ninja’s wife and manager, followed that by tweeting about some of the streamer’s past announcements and looked ahead to what’s to come. She mentioned his last two big announcements – his Adidas collaboration and his decision to move to Mixer – before asking people what they thought Wednesday’s announcement will be about.

People of course sounded off with their ideas of what this upcoming announcement might be. Some people suggested that it was something more personal between the two while others theorized that maybe Ninja has signed some sort of deal to start his own organization or his own TV show. There were of course some throwbacks to some of Ninja’s past events as well, some of which didn’t go so well.


Ninja’s deal with Mixer is still ongoing and seems like it’ll be intact for some time, so don’t expect to hear that he’s moving to some different streaming platform. He’s also made appearances on reality shows more than once, so it’s entirely possible that his next announcement will deal with something that’s tangentially related to gaming but is presented through a different medium.

Ninja didn’t give a timeframe for when his next announcement will happen, though expect another update sometime tomorrow before the news breaks.