Fortnite Streamer 'Ninja' Shatters Income Estimates, Makes Almost $600K From Twitch Subs Alone


A few days ago we shared a report from Forbes, with mouths agape, which estimated that Fortnite streamer Ninja was raking in around $350,000 every single month just from Twitch subscribers. This is before tips, which are sometimes extravagant, and before any revenue from his 4 million YouTube subs are taken into account. Paul Tassi, who authored that article, has since learned that his estimate was conservative. In a candid conversation with Ninja, he learned that the 26 year-old is actually making well in excess of half a million dollars every single month from subscribers.

It may sound a little taboo, but Tassi made a point to ask Ninja straight-up about his income. We're all young professionals here, right? We can talk shop without bragging or becoming envious. When questioned about his income, and whether the $350K estimate was accurate, Ninja answered openly and humbly. Here's what he had to say in the interview (we've kept Tassi's notes intact in the quote below):

"So monthly revenue is always something I try not to discuss simply because I do not do it for the 'good money.' I have been streaming for almost 7 years, and I only recently just took off like this. If it was solely about the money I would have stopped a while ago. That being said, multiply the sub count by 3.5 and you get the monthly income from subs [Editor's note: That math would be around $560,000 a month, based on his current subscriber numbers].

"As for donation/bit/ad revenue that always is fluctuating and varies, same with YouTube in terms of ad revenue. I actually don't think I can give specific numbers for contract reasons. Also, I currently have no personal sponsors as well, so there's nothing there."

As someone who has come to despise Twitch culture generally, I was very pleasantly surprised to hear Ninja address his own worth as a broadcaster, and his income, with a level head. It is very sad, and perhaps reflects poorly on me, that I assumed a 26 year-old multimillionaire would be more cocky or self-pleased. In fact, when asked what he planned to do with all of this money, Ninja revealed that he's been engaging in philanthropy:

"We plan on giving and helping our family whenever we can," he said, "and we also started sponsoring an animal a week in our local shelters. Donating the full asking price for surgeries and other things so they get adopted." He also has plans to expand his giving in the future. To read more about that, and to hear Ninja's advice for anyone else trying to "make it" in the streaming space, check out the full interview here.


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