'Fortnite' Optimizations Planned for Nintendo Switch in New Update

Fortnite’s next update is expected to introduce several optimization improvements for the [...]

Fortnite's next update is expected to introduce several optimization improvements for the Nintendo Switch version, Epic Games said.

In a post on the most active Fortnite subreddit, Epic Games reminded players to look at the Trello Board which tracks any known issues and bug fixes and asked players to remind the developer if anything was being missed on the forum. After looking through the list of issues being tracked through Trello, a player pointed out that there were more pressing issues for the Nintendo Switch version that weren't ranked accordingly on the Trello board. A reply from Epic Games' community coordinator Sean "MrPopoTFS" Hamilton confirmed that optimization improvements for the Nintendo Switch version were coming in the v7.30 update.

The community coordinator said "things like frame rates and overall performance" are areas the developer is "constantly working on optimizing across all platforms." To provide a clearer picture of what's planned for the next update, Hamilton shared the list below of planned optimizations for the Nintendo Switch platform.

Switch Optimization (Battle Royale + Creative)

  • Moved to a more efficient memory allocator on Switch; significantly reducing crashes due to out of memory.
  • Reduced hitches on Switch caused by garbage collection.
  • Improved level streaming performance on Switch, speeding up building load times.
  • Increased texture pool size on Switch by 100MB to reduce issues with blurry textures.
  • GPU performance improvements for Switch - improved screen resolution.
  • Doubled the limit for the number of cosmetics that can be displayed on the screen as we now have more free memory.

As Epic Games works on the Nintendo Switch version, that platform has gotten its own section on the Trello Board to track any issues that crop up. One issue which has been marked as fixed in an upcoming patch will increase the variety of cosmetics players load into lobbies with which means that Nintendo Switch players won't see a bunch of Ramirez characters so often. Issues with voice chat not working properly and graphics not rendering when loading in were also listed on the Trello Board and are currently being investigated and worked on.

These Nintendo Switch improvements and other changes are expected to release in Fortnite's v7.30 update.