Fortnite Nintendo Switch Confirmed With New Job Posting?


There have been many rumors in the past about Fortnite making the jump to Nintendo Switch, and for good reason! Not only did the mobile port transition impressively well, but the team over at Epic Games have mentioned numerous times that they are "quite interested" in joining the Big N's gaming library. Other than rumors and vague interest, we haven't heard anything concrete but with Epic Games confirming a "huge" presence at this year's E3 and this job listing, it looks like an official "yes" could be imminent.

Iron Galaxy Studios has quite the repetoire to their name, including the magnificent The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim port that surprised everyone. When they put a job listing up recently that boldly stated, "We're known for our excellent work on Killer Instinct, Fortnite, and bringing Skyrim to the Nintendo Switch," instantly that rumor mill started to turn once more. But before we get too excited, there are a few things to consider.

Iron Galaxy did work on the Fortnite mobile version of the game, and it's very that the iOS port is what they were referring to. That being said, the particular wording choice here is what's interesting. The games listed out in order are followed by, not superseding, the word "Switch ports" which could be inclusive to all of the titles aforementioned: "Our best known creative works are, the critically acclaimed Killer Instinct, and Divekick; which are complimented by our technically superb Fortnite and Skyrim Switch ports."

At this point, it's all speculation until Epic Games has officially given the good word themselves but they have proven that anything is possible. No one thought we'd be getting an official Avengers: Infinity War crossover, but we did! With how well the mobile version works in tandem with its console and PC counterparts, stranger things have happened than a Nintendo Switch port. It's all a part of the hype leading up to this year's E3, which is coming up on us fast!

Stay tuned, because this is definitely something we've got our eyes peeled for.


(via Iron Galaxy)