Fortnite May Soon Add Dragons

(Photo: Epic Games)

Is Fortnite adding dragons soon? Some players seem to think so. In the game's world, Polar Peak is starting to break and fall apart. But what's more interesting than the fact that Polar Peak is falling apart are the noises coming from beyond the ice. The new cracks in Polar Peak are accompanied by wind and breathing noises that sound straight from a Dragon's mouth, which has players convinced a dragon is trapped in Polar Peak, and is getting ready to break out.

As you may know, back in Fortnite Season 7, players began to discover large, mysterious eggs in Polar Peak. The type of eggs that certainly looked like they would hatch a dragon or two. However, nothing ever came of the eggs, but when you combine their existence with this new development at Polar Peak, it seems to suggest dragons are only a matter of time. Maybe they will accompany a mid-season event, or come for the start of the Season 10.

Unfortunately, at the moment, all we can do is speculate:


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