Pornhub Sees Enormous Surge in Fortnite Searches

Fortnite Porn

There’s no question that Epic GamesFortnite is through the roof when it comes to popularity, making big bucks for the publisher. But who knew that it would also be a phenomenon when it comes to porn?

Granted, we’ve never even heard of Fortnite-related porn making the rounds (and how would it go, anyway – “Hey, baby, check out what my hammer can do”), but that isn’t stopping visitors from searching to see if it’s happening.

Based on a company’s recent post to its Pornhub Insights Blog (this particular page is actually safe for work), the amount of searches for Fortnite on Pornhub have skyrocketed since September, when the game’s Battle Royale mode was initially introduced.

The biggest search increase actually occurred this month, following Ninja’s all-star Fortnite session with R & B star Drake, leading to broken records for the site. In fact, searches for the term on Fortnite rose to an all time high, about 824 percent above average.

The chart breaks it down a little below, with the sudden increase coming around the middle of March, as noted above.

Fortnite Porn
(Photo: Pornhub)

And another chart reveals just what kind of Fortnite content people are looking for. The general term “fortnite” is leading the charge, followed by such specialty terms as “fortnite hentai”, “fortnite battle royale” (for those that like groups, we suppose), “fortnite animation” and even “fortnite ass.”

Fortnite Porn 2
(Photo: Pornhub)

Just for giggles, the Pornhub researchers also found other games that have become popular search terms on the site, including Overwatch, Team Fortress 2, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and even Pokemon. Yes, some users actually went looking for Pokemon porn.

Fortnite Porn 3
(Photo: Pornhub)

Finally, the stats revealed that men are proportionately 136 percent more likely to search for Fortnite compared to women, while Apple iOS users are 77 percent more likely to search for Fortnite compared to Android users. For those that were curious, mind you.

Given its popularity, it probably won’t be too long before someone – possibly Wood Rocket – makes a given Fortnite porn parody, calling it Fornication-nite or Pornnite or something like that. For now, though, people are still looking between their rounds of play.


These searches probably bring new definition to the term “gathering wood,” we’ll tell you what.

Fortnite is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.