New "Radioactive" 'Fortnite' Weapon Leaks

(Photo: Epic Games)

It seems like every week either Fortnite is adding a new weapon or item, or there's a new leak revealing an item or weapon coming to the game down the line. This time, we have the latter. More specifically, a new grenade has been discovered in the game's 8.40 files that seems to be an evolution of the Smoke Grenade.

Right now in the game's files is a mention of a "Radioactive Smoke Grenade." However, unlike some previous file leaks, there's not a lot of information on the item, which may suggest it's not coming anytime soon. It's also possible Epic Games is using "Radioactive Smoke Grenade" as a placeholder in order to send data miners sniffing the wrong way.

What's interesting here is that "Radioactive Smoke Grenade" sounds just like the Stink Bomb. I mean, from a gameplay perspective, what could be different? Maybe this new grenade will block visibility more? So a smoke grenade combined with a stink bomb? I'm not sure. What this also may mean is that the item is being added to coincide with an upcoming in-game event, which suggests we may be seeing some nuclear waste on the island sometime in the future.

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Thanks, Fortnite Intel.


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