Fortnite Removes Another Powerful Gun From the Game

Epic Games has announced that Fortnite's Storm Scout Sniper Rifle is now disabled from competitive [...]

Epic Games has announced that Fortnite's Storm Scout Sniper Rifle is now disabled from competitive playlists. A specific reason for the weapon's removal was not cited by the game's developer, but community feedback apparently played a role in the decision. It remains to be seen just what impact the removal will have on competitive play, but it seems that a lot of Fortnite players welcome the move. While not everyone will be happy with the decision, it's clear that Epic Games is looking for more ways to listen to its fans, and find new ways to improve the overall game.

The announcement from Epic Games can be found embedded below.

Some Fortnite fans are speculating that the weapon's removal has to do with the way that the sniper rifle can track storms in the game. The Storm Scout has a map that can tell the user where the storm is going next. It's possible that some players felt that it gave users an unfair advantage, and lobbied Epic Games for its removal. Unless the developer provides more information, it's difficult to say if that's the exact reasoning behind the decision. For now, players will just have to speculate and change their preferred sniper rifle, if need be.

It's not uncommon for Epic Games to pull certain weapons from competitive playlists; back in October, the Witch's Broom was similarly removed. While fans aren't always happy with the reasoning, the developer has never been shy about making these types of decisions. The goal is to make the final product as fair and enjoyable for as many players as possible, and sometimes difficult choices must be made to get there. Of course, if fan feedback turns negative, it's possible that Epic Games could reverse its decision. For now, fans will just have to wait and see what happens.

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