Fortnite's Rubber Ducky Challenge Is Too Hard, So a Fix Is Coming

Epic Games often tasks Fortnite players with searching for certain objects or going to areas to complete their challenges, and one of the assignments from the 14 Days of Summer event does the same. It asks players to find a “tiny rubber ducky” that was hidden a loading screen which was released as part of the event. Finding that rubber ducky and searching it will complete the challenge and award players with the Sparkle Soundtrack music for their lobbies.

The challenge seems simple enough if you know where to look – the image further down will show you where to go – but the only problem is that just one player can get the ducky each match. That means that you’ll likely encounter several other players in the same area all trying to accomplish the same goal, and they’ll probably be armed with weapons at that point to stop anyone else from taking their rubber squeaker.

It’s proven to be a frustrating challenge to complete, but Epic Games apparently has a fix in the works for it. One of the occasional reminders about the challenges that previews the reward was shared on Sunday via Twitter, and around five minutes after that, a follow-up tweet said the challenge was too difficult and that a fix would be implemented in the next few days.

Sure enough, the Fortnite board on Trello that tracks issues and fixes now lists the ducky conundrum as a bug. It’s classified as a bug that’s being investigated now, and a response on Reddit from an Epic Games social coordinator said that the situation was unintentional.


“Only one player per game can complete the 14 Days of Summer, Day 13 Challenge,” the Trello description reads. “Once the first player of the game completes the challenge, the tiny rubber ducky disappears.”

In the meantime, some players have suggested heading into an Arena match to try and find the ducky if you really want to complete the challenge before a fix is applied. The more competitive nature of the game mode means less players will be searching for the ducky, so you may be able to find it first. You’ll have to look in the spot shown in the image above if you want to find it.