Fortnite Running Better on Xbox One than PS4 and PS4 Pro

People are going crazy for Fortnite. This build-your-own-fortress survival game will be free to [...]

People are going crazy for Fortnite. This build-your-own-fortress survival game will be free to play next year, but over half a million of you have already dished out at least $40 to play this thing in early access on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Since the game is now running on PS4 and Xbox One, a graphics and performance comparison was inevitable -- leave that to Digital Foundry.

As usual, and like you'd expect, the game targets 1080p on PS4 30fps on PS4, and 900p 30fps on Xbox One. That's kind of the standard for a lot of demanding multi-platform games by now, right? What you might not expect is for the Xbox One version to perform better than the PS4 version.

According to Digital Foundry, Fortnite runs much better on the Xbox One than it does on the PS4, or even the PS4 Pro! It all comes down frame rate, frame pacing, and stuttering. Things get mighty choppy once enemies start filling the screen, and even when things are calmer and everything is running at 30 fps as intended, the wonky frame pacing makes everything feel jerky and jittery.

"Next up, there's the PS4 Pro version of the game, which sticks more closely to its target 30fps frame-rate with only minor deviations, though the occasional 100ms stutter still kicks in. We do wonder whether this is perhaps related to netcode functions bearing in mind that the stutter can occur at any moment, regardless of what's happening on-screen. These 100ms spikes also happen on Xbox One, but the overall outlook for Microsoft's console is bolstered by perfectly implemented 33ms frame-pacing, giving a more consistent look, plus a performance level that's very close to the PS4 Pro release overall."

Pretty impressive! Of course, PC is still the place to be if you're looking for optimum performance, but you didn't need us to tell you that, that's what all of your PC gaming friends are for! Keep in mind that this game is still very much in early access, and performance now is not necessarily indicative of what it will be when the game officially launches next year. Still, it's an early and satisfying win for Xbox One gamers.