Fortnite Leak Teases Big Marvel Crossover for Season 4 Featuring Thor

A new Fortnite leak is teasing a big Marvel crossover for Season 4 featuring Thor. Barring any unexpected delays or extensions, Fortnite Season 4 will launch later this month via the PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices if Epic Games patches up its relationship with Google and Apple before then. And according to prominent Fortnite leaker and content creator, HypeX, Season 4 will be Marvel-themed, which isn't very surprising considering this season has been DC-themed.

According to HypeX, similarly to Season 3 with Aquaman, Season 4 will add Thor and his hammer as cosmetics. It also sounds like the rumored comic books are also coming during this season. In addition to these two teases, the leaker also hinted at Season 4's trailer.

"I've seen some of you guess this already, but yeah Season 4 MIGHT be Marvel-themed, and Thor and his hammer are gonna be cosmetics," said HypeX over on Twitter. "Also, the trailer might start with a girl cornered in some alleyway by armed skins and she gets saved. If this doesn't happen that means epic changed the idea, so please don't be mad at me, but I trust my source because he told me about the comic book before it got leaked."

The leaker continued:

"I wasn't gonna tweet that if epic didn't already make it way too obvious and so many people guessed it, also someone was gonna tweet it at some point anyway."


As you may know, HypeX has proven quite reliable in the past, but that doesn't mean everything here shouldn't be taken with a grain of salt. Nothing here is official information, and even if it's 100 percent accurate doesn't mean it's immune to change.

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