Fortnite Update Made Secret Changes to Game

The most recent Fortnite update on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch made a secret change to the game not specified in the update's patch notes. As you may know, this is something Epic Games loves doing, and it's unclear why. That said, the change has been spotted, and it's a pretty notable one. More specifically, Epic Games has buffed reboot vans, decreasing the cooldown time between revives. This may not seem like a major change, but at the highest level, it's sure to impact the meta, which means it's even stranger the change wasn't outlined.

The change comes way of the v14.00, which only released recently. Specifically, and reportedly, it's cut the cooldown time in half from 120 seconds to just 60 seconds. The secret changes to the reboot vans don't end there though.

The update has also removed reboot vans from two locations: Fortilla and Authority. And this probably at least partially explains the reduction in cooldown time. And again, this is sure to impact the meta, especially in games where the storm moves to the middle of the map.

At the moment of publishing, take all of this information with a grain of salt. While all of these changes have been confirmed via players, Epic Games hasn't said anything about the changes, which means there's a slither of a chance these aren't permanent or a mistake.


That said, if Epic Games does provide any official information on these changes, we will be sure to update this post with whatever information is provided. Again though, it's unlikely Epic Games will comment on any of this. If it wanted to provide this information, it would have already.

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