'Fortnite': Epic Games Co-Founder Says Another Big Event Is Coming

Fortnite Season 5 has been one helluva ride so far and Epic Games isn't about to let it go out without a bang. With some pretty wild fan theories so far about what Season 6 will bring, the studio themselves are promising another huge event is on the way to get players hyped up!

For those familiar with the Battle Royale game, you know about the mysterious cube that has been dubbed "Kevin" by adoring Reddit fans and "Kevin" has been quite the busy oddity. Having made its way to several locations and spawning gravity domes around it, this cube also protects itself by playing the aggressor when players get too close.

Now that the cube itself has fallen and seemingly melted into Loot Lake, the Vice President of Epic Games is promising something big on the horizon:

Players were quick to press "F" to pay respects for dear old Kevin in the responding thread:

So, what could be on the way for the game? What will Season 6 bring? According to one popular theory, it's a mirror universe.

With certain parts of the map having disappeared from the rifts only to reappear in a slightly different forms, some are speculating that there is a parrellal universe that is about to come crashing down into the map. And don't even get us started on that damn cube that keeps making its way throughout the game, dropping random runes in its wake.

Should the mirror theory prove true, this could mean the entire map is subject to change - rocked by a darker version of the universe we know and love today. Since one of the leaked items from this week's patch shows off a Ghost Portal, that mirror theory continues to grow in its likelihood.


Another theory floating around is that Loot Lake will suddenly become Loot Lava with the new season, driven by the fact that Loot Lake is loosely shaped like a volcano and that exact word has been datamined from the game's files in the past.

We don't know when the exact launch date for when Season 6 will arrive, but we do know it will be happening this month. What are you hoping to see from Season 6? Favourite memories from season 5? Sound off with your Fortnite related thoughts in the comment section below!