'Fortnite' Season 7 Trailer "Leaks," but Players Are Skeptical

Update: As expected, the Fortnite trailer was confirmed by Epic Games to be a fake, fan-made video.

Original story is as follows:

A trailer for Fortnite's seventh season has supposedly leaked online, but vocal parts of the community aren't buying it and think it's fake.

Beginning with a post on Reddit as leaks are sometimes prone to do, a user aptly named FortniteLeakInfo posted the alleged Season 7 trailer to Fortnite's most active subreddit. The account has no other posts or comments besides this one video and the account was created on November 24th, so it's still a fresh account despite not being brand new.

The video, shown below, does its best to present itself as the real deal, a "trailer" captured with a shaky camera and shoddy sound. The watermark shown in the middle is also a common practice of Fortnite players who don't want their content reuploaded on YouTube by others in Fortnite compilations or the like.

Fortnite Trailer Season 7 from r/FortNiteBR

If it is indeed a fake trailer – and much of the conversation centered within the Fortnite community on Twitter and on the subreddit asserts that it – it's a solid attempt at producing what could be taken for an official trailer. Beginning with some planes flying overhead, the trailer appears to be capitalizing on some datamined files that indicated a new vehicle would be coming to Fortnite, possibly a plane. Whoever created it put outfits from the current season in the trailer like the A.I.M. and Calamity skins alongside the Castor and Elmira outfits. It even ends by playing up the snowstorm that seems to be approaching the game's map, that part being one that does seem to be a likely feature in Season 7 regardless of whether the trailer is real or not.

But there are some parts of the trailer that makes it appear fake, people pointed out. If you look at Epic Games' previous trailers for Fortnite, the "leaked" video doesn't appear to match up in terms of quality, players have noticed. Compare the "Darkness Rises" trailer seen below from Season 6 and you'll notice a difference though the shaky camera effect would diminish the quality considerably assuming the leak is real.

There's also no mention of the iceberg that's moving towards the map alongside the snowstorm, nor is there any sighting of the castle that sits on top of it. That combined with other points like the fact that some things in the background aren't animated led many to think the trailer is fake.

Fortnite Season 7 begins next week on December 5th, so even though many people have already concluded that the "leaked" trailer is fake, we'll find out soon when the official trailer releases.