'Fortnite' Item Shop Leak Shows Off a Ton of New Season 8 Cosmetics, Variants

Season 8 for Fortnite players continues to go strong and has brought with it incredible changes to [...]

Season 8 for Fortnite players continues to go strong and has brought with it incredible changes to the world of battle royale. From giant bananas, to active volcanoes - it's a very colorful upgrade from last season's ice caps. With the confirmation from Epic Games that new outfit variations were on the way, a new leak reveals just what players have to look forward to in the coming weeks:

(Photo: FNBR)
(Photo: FNBR)
(Photo: FNBR)
(Photo: FNBR)
(Photo: FNBR)

From new wraps, to various new outfits, the latest batch of leaks shows off a ton of new flare for players to enjoy. But it's not just new outfits either, but makeovers for some of the older ones as well.

For those that have playing the game since launch, some of the older skins have gotten quite stale. Because of that, Epic is giving them a much-needed makeover! "In the v8.10 update we have a few new styles coming to older outfits, in line with some ongoing Art update work we are doing," said the studio in a recent blog post. "When we create outfits for you to suit up in before dropping from the Battle Bus, we're invested in improving them over time based on your feedback. We've seen you being vocal about wanting to see the face behind the masks of some of our helmeted outfits, so we've done a pass on previous outfits."

You can read more about their creative plans with our coverage right here, including which OG skins are up first!

What do you think about the extensive cosmetic item leak? Any particular ones that stand out to you the most, or do you think last season had a better aesthetic? Sound off with your thoughts on the latest datamined finds in the comment section below, or hit me up over on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy!


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