Is Fortnite About to Add Animals Players Can Ride?

Is Epic Games about to adding riding animals later this season? We've been hearing about rideable animals for a couple of seasons. Now, Fortnite leakers believe the gameplay feature may finally be added at some point later this season, Season 8, or sometime during Season 9. Whatever the case, the point is that the long-awaited feature sounds like it's finally coming soon. That said, it also sounds like it may not be as robust as previously thought. 

According to recent files, Epic Games continues to work on gameplay centered around riding animals. To this end, a "Saddle item" is in the works, which suggests this will be more of a minor feature locked behind an item than a proper game-changing feature. In fact, we wouldn't be very surprised if it's locked behind a limited-time mode or limited to a single season. For now, though, this is just speculation, and unfortunately, speculation is more or less all we have, as the files don't reveal any of the salient or finer details of the feature.

"It appears that we will be able to ride on animals later in the season," said FortTory. "They are currently working on a Saddle Item and more Riding Content! I believe that according to the files we can buy a Saddle with Bars from NPC's in the future."

For now, take everything here with a grain of salt. While the source in question is reliable and while there are plenty of files that point to the existence of rideable animals, it doesn't change the fact that datamining leaks are not official news, can be misleading, and sometimes the work they represent is abandoned or changed before release. At the moment of publishing, Epic Games hasn't addressed the leak and the speculation it has created. If it does, we will update the story.


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