Possible 'Fortnite' Season 8 Map Leaked Thanks to Glitch

While many Fortnite players are taking on this week's 'Share the Love' challenges to continue [...]

While many Fortnite players are taking on this week's 'Share the Love' challenges to continue tiering up before season 7 ends, one player may have accidentally stumbled upon season 8's map thanks to an in-game bug.

With all of the earthquakes going down right now signalling a huge event ahead, Reddit user 'Jmayer219' shared a clip of a glitch he ran into that could very well have just given us an early look at the changes ahead:

My game lagged for a second and showed the possible season 8 map? from r/FortNiteBR

One thing that makes it seem that it might not be the full map is because the pianos are still there which is very much a present them in the current season. That being said, this glitch could very well have just shown what the end-season map will look like before whatever event is supposed to go down officially reveals itself.

One thing that is interesting is that this does match up with a previous datamined found stating that Wailing Woods is set to burn. Since the prisoner's progression reveals him to be the fire king, this glitch could have just confirmed a lot of theories about his role going up against the ice king.

As far as when this season will end and the next begins, Epic Games gave us a timeline at the beginning of the current season since the holiday season was right smack dab in the middle. "The Epic Games team will be taking its own holiday break this winter, so Season 7 will be extended by two weeks and end on February 28. We'll still have new updates coming out during that break period bringing new items and challenges. You can plan on more holiday cheer to hit before the New Year as well!"

With the end of February deadline fast approaching and the earthquakes continuing to increase in frequency, more and more dataminers are fervently trying to find any new clues that could reveal what lies ahead for the birth of season 8.

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