New 'Fortnite' Season 8 Teaser Revealed

Epic Games has revealed its second teaser for Fortnite Season 8, this one alluding to some type of [...]

Epic Games has revealed its second teaser for Fortnite Season 8, this one alluding to some type of serpent-like creature that'll apparently play a part in the next season.

The second teaser shows a creature on the right that resembles the serpent teased by the text that accompanied the text. "Sssomething shimmers," the teaser began, driving home the emphasis on the serpent shown on the image below.

Based on the limited information known about Season 8 and the teasers players have seen in Season 7 thus far, it looks like the eggs players have been locating around the snowy map during the current season will have something to do with these serpents. Eggs have been found in Polar Peak, and while there was a ton of speculation that dragons would emerge from the eggs, it looks as though something else has been growing within them. How these serpents will play into the next season remains to be seen though, assuming that is what the teaser is alluding to.

Epic Games' teaser from Monday followed another which was released on Sunday, a day earlier than the pre-season teasers typically begin. That past teaser hinted at some pirate themes which the second teaser touched on somewhat with its mentioning of those "who arrive on waves."

The teasers Epic Games shared prior to the start of the season typically hint at cosmetics which might be included in the Battle Pass as well as map changes and events, so it's expected these first two teasers and the rest leading up to Season 8 will follow this trend. Pirates seem like an obvious cosmetic route for a season that players have speculated will be filled with water after the snow and ice of Season 7 melts, though serpents or dragons or whatever was in those eggs and is now being teased and how they'll play into Season 8 isn't as easy to discern. Fortnite has had limited PvE elements in the battle royale mode such as the zombies which appeared periodically though never went over exceptionally well, so it could be that these serpents will provide an extra challenge for players. Of course, they could just be catalysts for changes to the map in Season 8 as well as inspirations for more cosmetics to be bought or earned.

Fortnite Season 8 is scheduled to start on February 28th.