Fortnite Skin Concept Allows You To Be Spider-Man

it's bad but like not playstationlifestyle bad so theres that

Almost each week a new Fortnite skin is released. This past week it was the Tricera Ops. The week before that it was the Leviathan Skin. Since these two skins hit, they've been everywhere across every game. In other words, it appears people are consistency shoveling out $25 to buy the new skins Epic Games frequently releases.

That said, imagine how much money the developer would make if they released a Spider-Man skin? A lot, that's how much.

One Reddit user has already dreamed up what said crossover would like, producing a new skin that every Marvel fan's mouth watering.

(Photo: Tanukes via Reddit)

Dubbed the Web Warrior, the concept doesn't just end with a skin, but also imagines what the backbling would look like and what the axe would like.

Now, the chances of an official Spider-Man skin coming to the game is pretty slim. Disney and Marvel are notoriously overly protective of their IP, and said rights to use the superhero's likeness would probably cost Epic Games a pretty penny. So, while a Spidey skin might sell like hotcakes, those hotcakes are going to cost Epic Games money upfront it probably doesn't want to spend. But who knows, maybe Sony will swoop into the picture, and get a PS4 Spider-Man exclusive skin to accompany the launch of Spider-Man on PS4 this September.

If you're reading this Epic Games/Marvel/Disney, please make this happen. You can have all my V-Bucks, forever. Just let me be Spidey as I Bush Wookie around Tilted Towers.


Fortnite is available for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and iOS. It is also slated to come to Android devices at an unannounced date.

In other recent and related news, developer Epic Games has released and detailed a new developer update that dives into the issues that have been plaguing the game, such as server interruption and weapon swapping. It also has announced the winner of the Boogiedown Contest, revealing the winning dance that will soon be implemented into the game as an emote. Oh, and in case you missed it, there's a new video of one player defeating 23 to win a game of 50v50. It's awesome, and hilarious.