'Fortnite' Meets 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' in Stylish Fan-Made Trailer

A Fortnite player and content creator has mashed up the battle royale game with Nintendo’s Super [...]

A Fortnite player and content creator has mashed up the battle royale game with Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to create a fan-made trailer that brings the two worlds together.

LaffenGas is responsible for the stylish trailer above, a Fortnite content creator who makes music videos and other cinematics using Fortnite's creative tools who some people might also recognize through the game's Support A Creator feature. The creator's most recent video introduced different characters from Fortnite's latest season in the same way that they'd be found in a Super Smash Bros. game.

One of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's biggest draws is how many characters it has, so Fortnite makes for an easy crossover game for a trailer seeing how many different skins there are with new ones added every season. The Ice King, Sgt. Winter, Zenith, Trog, Lynx, and Onesie were the different characters shown off in the trailer, each of them new to the game with the start of Season 7 that kicked off a wintery theme.

Those familiar with the Super Smash Bros. series will immediately recognize the style of the character introductions that LaffenGas utilized throughout the video. Whenever a new character in a Super Smash Bros. game is announced, a reveal that's always a big deal for players anticipating who the next guest fighter will be, the characters get a brief intro before their name splashes across the screen. Their reveal is always accompanied by some line that's associated with their themes and the games that they're from in the same way that the Fortnite characters in the trailer above are revealed. You can see that particular reveal style in action in an actual Super Smash Bros. Ultimate video that's seen below where Piranha Plant was revealed, that surprise character being the first post-launch DLC fighter that's available for free for anyone who purchased Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and registered their copy before January 31st.

The rest of LaffenGas's videos can be seen here through their YouTube channel where everything from creative movies to music videos to trailers like the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate mashup are found.