'Fortnite' Confirms New Suppressed Sniper Rifle

Fortnite's latest update in the Message of the Day feature confirmed that the Suppressed Sniper Rifle weapon is indeed coming soon in the next update.

Working exactly as its name suggests, the Suppressed Sniper Rifle will let players take long-range shots at their enemies without having to draw too much attention to themselves. The weapon is a bolt-action rifle though, so opponents will still have time to react between missed shots if they can pinpoint where the attack is coming from.

Fortnite players shared the image below on Reddit to alert others of the weapon that's coming soon to the battle royale game.

New Suppressed Sniper Coming Soon! from r/FortNiteBR

"Strike at your opponents quietly with this suppressed bolt-action Sniper!" the description of the new item said.

Suppressed weapons are common additions to shooters with Fortnite already featuring some suppressed items, but how effective the new gun is will be determined by factors like how much damage it does as well as how quiet it actually is. Given that it's a sniper rifle, the damage output should be more than respectable, but if players can still effectively find its users without much trouble, there won't be much point in using it over other weapons since it's quite likely it'll have a damage tradeoff in exchange for the silence. It also remains to be seen whether it'll make the shots harder to see in addition to being harder to hear. Some players are already theorizing that this weapon could be powerful when combined with the Bush item assuming it provides enough cover to keep Bush wearers hidden.


As for the timing of the Suppressed Sniper Rifle's release, Epic Games teased its emergence into Fortnite in one of the routine tweets that announced the time the next update will be released. Mentioned a "stealthy new addition" to Fortnite, the official Twitter account said the v7.10 Content Update will be released Tuesday morning.

Like most new items and features in Fortnite, the reveal of the weapon wasn't totally unexpected seeing how a leak pointed to its release several days ago. Images surfaced of the weapon's model alongside sounds that it'll make when firing and reloading.