Fortnite Testing New Item Shop Voting Feature

Epic Games has seemingly been trying to get things back on track with Fortnite as of late. Season [...]

Epic Games has seemingly been trying to get things back on track with Fortnite as of late. Season X has seen some of the biggest names on the likes of Twitch and Mixer start playing other titles instead of the popular Battle Royale game. Plus, the release of WoW Classic didn't exactly help matters. That said, the devs have still been chugging along on updates for the game, implementing new features, items, locations, and much more. One new feature that they are testing out involves the community voting for what appears in the Fortnite Item Shop.

"We're testing a new feature that gives you the power to vote for what comes back to a new Item Shop slot: Community Choice," reads a new post on the Epic Games website. "When this feature is available, Item Shop content will battle against one another, and you can place your vote on what returns for an encore."

Here's exactly how the Item Shop voting feature will play out:

"For each Community Choice event, you can vote once a day in support of the item you want to see return. While your daily vote is locked once you confirm a choice, you can vote for other items on any following days for the duration of the event. Be sure to log-in each day to get a new vote and show your support!

At the end of the Community Choice countdown, all player votes will be tallied up and the winner will be available in the Item Shop for a limited time. The first Community Choice begins when the shop rolls over in v10.30. Drop in on September 11 at 8 PM ET to cast your first vote!"

Fortnite is currently available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and mobile devices. For even more on the popular Battle Royale game, check out some of our previous coverage.

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