Fortnite: Tomato Temple Spotted

The newest update for Fortnite is now live bringing with it a brand new (sort of Super [...]

The newest update for Fortnite is now live bringing with it a brand new (sort of Super Mario-inspired) Limited Time Mode, the new Rift-to-Go item, and more. Another in-game surprise however is the revelation of the Tomato temple, which coincides with earlier mysteries surrounding the rift where our beloved Tomato mascot first fell in Season 4.

Tomato Temple! from r/FortNiteBR

Players took to Reddit to talk about the most recent finding and ... it's weird. I mean, let's be real - we're talking about a giant tomato head so naturally things are going to be a little odd, but this is just weird. You've got to love the team over at Epic Games, who else thinks of sfuff like this? It's so silly, yet so charming.

The rifts that closed out Fortnite Season 4 and rung in Season 5 were arguably one of the coolest things to happen to the online game since launch. With events affecting both the game and players in real life, it was a monumental occasion to say the least. But just because Season 5 is in full swing doesn't mean the business with this mysterious phenomenon is over. Earlier this week we saw a brand new rift hover over Tomato Town, which instantly made fans excited to potentially see the return of the mascot.

Our beloved tomato-y mascot was taken from us before season 5 kicked off. It's never easy to say goodbye to a loved one, but for Tomato Head, we tried to be strong. There was even a memorial for our saucey friend:

"As we all know, the great big Tomatohead has caught the blue aura. Tomorrow, at 3PM EST [July 4th], he is very likely to disappear," Redditor HostageFuzer said in an older Reddit post. "To honor our big brother, I'd like to ask all of the members of the Tomatohead Brotherhood to have a goodbye ceremony tomorrow. If you'd like to participate, please queue up in Oceania solo servers at 2:55PM EST July 3rd (Convert for your timezone) and land Tomato Town. Please wear Tomatohead to show you're part of the Brotherhood. Non-members are welcomed, too."

Now it looks like we'll be throwing a "welcome home" event instead!

What do you think of the outlandish tribute? Do you think this is it, or is this leading to something even bigger? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below!