Fortnite Update Released to Fix Recent Patch Issues

Another smaller Fortnite update has been released to correct some bugs introduced by the sizeable [...]


Another smaller Fortnite update has been released to correct some bugs introduced by the sizeable Patch V.2.3.0.

While the latest patch introduced more than a few changes to both the Save the World and the Battle Royale mode, it also caused a few problems as well. Some issues involving picking up and using weapons were among the most impactful, but it was fortunately nothing that a follow-up patch couldn't take care of.

Epic Games released a changelist of what's included in the latest update while detailing exactly which bugs the hotfix was targeting including the weapon problems along with problems exclusive to Macs.

  • Mac hitching/freezing
  • Building mode being reset to the incorrect previous state (Reset Building Choice setting)
  • Building mode persisting if a player has it active in the lobby
  • Unable to pick up weapons when inside the collision of a recently killed player
  • Weapons stuck in reload animation
  • Removed MiniBoss marker from Rescue the Survivor mission in Stonewood

The original V.2.3.0 patch included tons of changes for the Battle Royale mode as the updates usually do with new additions like an autorun option and the option to disable aim assist on consoles. Despite introducing a couple of bugs that weren't an issue before, V.2.3.0 also fixed quite a few bugs on its own for both the Save the World mode and Battle Royale.

As for the Save the World mode, the winter event that's been taking place has now come to an end, but another event is poised to take its place. Mutant Storm is returning once again with several changes from the last time that it was available. One of the most notable changes is that Mutant Storms will soon appear in greater numbers, and those numbers won't be coming without proportionally appropriate awards. More Storm Tickets will be awarded through most Event Quests with these Tickets also able to be acquired through purchased upgrade Llamas.

The hotfix for Patch V.2.3.0 was scheduled to be released on Jan. 27 early in the morning, so it should be ready to download across Fortnite's various platforms to correct the issues that were introduced.