'Fortnite': What's New In Creative

A new Fortnite is now live and the arrival of the illusive Driftboard has not only impacted the [...]

A new Fortnite is now live and the arrival of the illusive Driftboard has not only impacted the battle royale title in a traditional sense, it's also now available in the game's Creative Mode as well! From new weapons and items, to a tweak to the Glider Redeploy, here's what's new in Creative following the latest patch:

  • Driftboard
    • Use weapons or consumables as you ride the slopes. Boost past the competition with electrifying speed. Loot and revive downed allies. All without ever getting off the Driftboard!
    • Building is not possible while on the Driftboard.
    • Copy & paste with the Phone build tool while on the Driftboard
    • Can be placed through the Device tab
  • Infantry Rifle
    • Available in Common, Uncommon and Rare variants.
      • Deals 41, 43, 45 damage. 2x headshot multiplier.
    • Can be found from Floor Loot, Chests, and Vending Machines.
    • Uses Medium Ammo.
    • Fires quick-moving projectiles without damage falloff.
  • Returned Glider Redeploy to the Consumable tab in the Creative Inventory.

The Driftboard is something that was teased quite some time ago, and many Fortnite players just assumed the thought was scrapped. Luckily, it looks like Epic Games thought now was the perfect time for the addition, though it's still a little too early to see what players think quite yet.

The most recent update is much smaller than previous ones as of late, and for good reason. With the Valentine's Day event still going on now and the team bracing for something big to close out season 7, it's understandable that they are pulling their punches a bit until it's time to ring in a new season.

As for the game itself, Fortnite is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and select Android devices. Regarding season 8, the next phase of the battle royale adventure is set to kick off on February 28th!

Thoughts on the latest update and how Creative has evolved thus far? What would you like to see in future updates and in the upcoming season? Sound off with what you'd like to see Epic Games do next in the comment section below, or hit me up over on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy!