Fortnite Announces Winterfest Event and Two Weeks of Free Gifts

Fortnite is having itself another winter event this year, and the players will reap the rewards of it by getting two weeks of free gifts like skins, unique pickaxes, and much more. You’ll get all of this stuff just for being active in the game each day starting on December 18th along with bonus challenges that’ll earn players even more rewards. You’ll also be able to play with some of your favorite vaulted weapons and will find old limited-time games like the John Wick-themed mode since those will be returning for the event.

Epic Games held a winter event last year, so the return of this year’s Winterfest was expected, though we didn’t know what it would entail until this week. The post announcing the event said that it’s now underway with players able to take part in all the festivities that start with unwrapping presents through a new tab in the game called the Lodge.

Inside the Lodge you’ll find presents which can be opened each day for a total of 14 different gifts. Included in these gifts are two skins, two gliders, two pickaxes, two weapon skins, and one emote among other gifts. Each of the cosmetics are exclusive to this year’s Winterfest as well, so don’t expect to have seen this stuff in the store before or after the event ends unless they’re brought back for limited-time sales.

The challenges in the Lodge can similarly be acquired every day, so you’ll have continued chances to get more experience and other rewards throughout the event. While you’re trying to complete those challenges, you can knock out two things at once by playing some of the limited-time modes that are returning throughout the next two weeks. For those who want to stick to the normal modes, you may find that some old weapons have returned to players’ arsenals for a short time.


“If you’re feeling nostalgic this holiday season, no need to sit and reminisce: we’re unvaulting lots of weapons during Winterfest!” Epic Games said about the event. “Also, each day from December 18 to January 2, you’ll be greeted with some of your favorite LTMs, including Wick’s Bounty, Arsenal, and more. Plus, Zone Wars will be running throughout the holidays!”

The free gifts from the event and the limited-time modes run until January 2nd, but there’s a grace period until January 7th for players who aren’t able to log on every day to redeem their rewards. You’ll find your unclaimed challenges and gifts available until that date, so be sure to grab them before they’re gone.