Free Guy Stars Ryan Reynolds and Jodie Comer Assign Each Other Avatars, Share Their Perfect Day

Free Guy was one of the many movies that got delayed multiple times due to the pandemic, but the [...]

Free Guy was one of the many movies that got delayed multiple times due to the pandemic, but the Ryan Reynolds action-comedy is finally hitting theatres in August. The movie follows Reynolds as Guy, an NPC in a multiplayer game world who starts to realize he can affect the world around him. A lot of Guy's newfound abilities have to do with him meeting Millie/Molotov Girl, the character played by Jodie Comer. Recently, took part in a press conference with Reynolds and Comer and they were asked to assign each other avatars.

"Wow. I would give you... I don't know if you can get a MacGyver avatar, but I would give you a MacGyver avatar because you're really good at fixing stuff," Reynolds said to Comer. "You're good at... Yeah. If a scene is a little bit... I remember on set, if a scene wasn't quite there, you would always find this extra gear or something. Basically, you're diffusing a bomb with a toothpick and the sweat of a Panda. Yeah. I'd give her a MacGyver avatar."

"I think honestly, just for my own amusement, I would give you the pink, fluffy bunny," Comer added of Reynolds. "Nice," Reynolds replied. "Because why not guys?," Comer added. "Exactly Put a little joy in everyone's life," Reynolds replied. "Scary, muscular, six foot three bunny. Who doesn't love that?"

Before he starts to realize his new abilities, Free Guy's Guy spends his days in a loop, living out the same routine over and over. Both Reynolds and Comer were asked what their looped days would look like.

"Boy. I have three kids six and under, so it is like that a little. I mean, it's wake up, get them ready for school, feed them, walk them to school, come home, try to go to a gym, rinse, and repeat," Reynolds revealed. Comer added, "I would try and include it with lots of really good food and some dancing. I feel like if I live my life on a loop like that, I would be... Be a pretty happy person."

"I think so... Yeah. Right. Like good food. A little bit of fun," Reynolds added. "Years ago, I did a motorcycle trip in Australia. I was trying to actually make it to Perth on a motorcycle from Sydney, which I found out midway through is incredibly dumb to try to do that. But I remember some of those moments being moments that I could have on repeat for the rest of my life. Listening to music in my helmet through the Blue Mountains."

Free Guy hits theaters on August 13th.