Friday the 13th: The Game Is Buffing Part 7 Jason

Friday the 13th: The Game players whose preferred Jason variation of choice is Part 7 Jason can [...]

Friday the 13th The Game Part 7 Jason
(Photo: Gun Media)

Friday the 13th: The Game players whose preferred Jason variation of choice is Part 7 Jason can look forward to two changes that should help him perform as well as other Jasons.

Unlike the Counselors that have different stat levels for traits like stamina and speed, the Jason variants don't have specific numerical values attached to stats. Instead, they have strengths and weaknesses such as being able to run or not and how much damage their weapons do. This is where Part 7 Jason's buffs will come in with the character seeing one change each for the weaknesses and strengths. After the changes are applied in the next update, Part 7 Jason will have amplified weapon strength instead of grip strength and will be more susceptible to being stunned instead of having an increased Shift cooldown.

Speaking on the Friday the 13th: The Game forums about the Jason buffs, Gun Media community lead Daniel "ShiftySamurai" Nixon said that Part 7 Jason's current performance didn't necessarily warrant a full rework of the character but agreed that his current state among other Jasons may be less than optimal.

"We've seen a ton of feedback for a while now about Part 7 Jason being 'underpowered' or 'weak,' and while we agree that maybe his stats aren't the best to encourage play over some of the other Jasons, we are not planning a complete reworking of the character," Nixon said.

"Even though we aren't completely reworking the character, we do believe that a couple of tweaks to this character's strengths and weaknesses will make for a better play experience."

The changes aren't live in the game at the moment but will instead be added in the next update. Nixon confirmed as much in another comment within the post as he explained that everything covered in the occasional posts will be included in the next update.

"Yes, every weekly post that we have done are items that should be included in the next update unless something catastrophic happens," Nixon said.

The Friday the 13th: The Game devs also revealed recently that a new queue was being added in the update that includes the engine upgrade, a queue full of the saltiest of players. Nixon explained the purpose of the queue that's being called the Salt Mines by saying that players who leave too many games will be placed in a queue that'll only consist of their salty cohorts.

A release date for the new update has not been announced.