Friday the 13th: The Game Is Raising the Level Cap, New Unlockables Coming

Those who have already hit the max level in Friday the 13th: The Game can take their Jason vs. [...]

Friday the 13th The Game Jason Kills

Those who have already hit the max level in Friday the 13th: The Game can take their Jason vs. Counselor experience a bit further now that the game's level cap is being raised.

The previous level cap in Gun Media's adaptation of the Friday the 13th series ended players' progression once they hit level 101. Plenty of content could be unlocked during that time that included new clothing options for the Counselors and unlocking new variations of Jason Voorhees, but more unlockables are being added now that the cap is being raised to 150.

A tweet from the game's official Twitter account confirmed some of the unlockables that'll be available to those who push past level 101, but it didn't provide specifics on the specifics of the content or a date when the changes will go live. New Jason skins, kills, Counselor clothing, and even more unspecified future content will be unlockable as you proceed to level 150, and the tweet indicated that more information will be coming soon to provide further details on what to expect.

The two parts of the unlockables that most players will probably be looking forward to the most include the new Jason skins and the new kills, but part of that depends on what exactly the tweet means by "skins." There's a retro variation of Part 3 Jason that came out months ago that changes his clothing to purple and blue look, a change that can safely be called a skin. However, the Savini Jason variation that was released for those who backed the game in its pre-release stages was also called a skin despite it being an entirely new Jason to play as. It had its own advantages and disadvantages as well along with a fiery look, so it offered a bit more than what would be considered a skin.

Skins aside, the kills are one of the best parts of Friday the 13th: The Game, so those will be worth working towards. A preview of some of the new kills, skins, and other content will hopefully come soon from Gun Media and IllFonic, preferably in a video format so that we can see the unlockables in action.