Frostpunk Gets a Release Date and a Frozen New Trailer

Poland-based developer 11 bit Studios — the team who most recently put out This War of Mine and [...]

Poland-based developer 11 bit Studios — the team who most recently put out This War of Mine and Beat Cop — has has announced that its upcoming game, Frostpunk, is finally set to launch on April 24th.

To celebrate this announcement, the developer has also released a brand-new trailer featuring the hype-inducing track "God's gonna cut you down," by Kevin Lovatt. The trailer (pictured above) mostly introduces the player to the game's grim and frozen world that they will be building their civilization upon.

Frostpunk is a city-building, societal survival game where you step into the shoes of the leader of a steam-powered city that is the last bastion of hope for humanity in its new frozen-over and hostile world.

Theme's of the game explore the idea of what people are capable of when they are pushed to the limits in a dire situation. That being said, it should be no surprise that as you oversee your society and manage resources, you will be presented with numerous difficult and morally ambiguous decisions.

As you may know, Frostpunk was originally slated to release sometime during Q1 of 2018, but obviously 11 bit studios was incapable of making this release window. As for the reason why, Managing Director Grzegorz Miechowski provided the following reason:

"We wanted to make it before end of Q1, but we ended up slightly moving the release further. The reason is simple – we needed this time for the final polishing required to deliver a game that, we believe, is the best 11 bit title so far. For us, production value is always the most important thing and a bug-free, carefully-balanced game is crucial to offer gamers the experience we want them to have. This War of Mine was a unique game about moral choices, and with Frostpunk, we are bringing this to a whole new level. It's true that it took us some time to get here, but I'm happy to say that it was worth it!"

Frostpunk will be available on PC when it launches. Meanwhile, console versions remain up in the air. At launch the game will cost $29.99 USD digitally, and $34.99 at retail.