G4, Attack of the Show, and X-Play Tease Return

It looks like the gaming network G4 is making some sort of return in 2021 judging by some new [...]

It looks like the gaming network G4 is making some sort of return in 2021 judging by some new teasers shared online on Friday. The G4TV Twitter account has sprung back to life with a brief video highlighting some familiar references from the G4 era while the X-Play Twitter account has also surfaced again to share the same video. No details about how this G4 revival will be handled have yet been announced, so there's no telling what shows old or new we'll see, but it seems like we can expect G4's return to happen some time in 2021.

The sole teaser shared so far can be seen below as shared by the official G4TV Twitter account. That's the only tweet there so far, but it's already attracted tons of attention from people primed for G4's return.

The same teaser shared by the X-Play account included the same text saying "We never stopped playing" to indicate we'll see that TV show return somehow. A Twitter account for Attack of the Show shared the same.

Blair Herter and Adam Sessler who are both known for their time with G4 when the network was still around retweeted the same video with their own comments, though it's unclear how or if the two are involved with the return.

Considering how much things have changed with the ways people consume entertainment from the time G4 came to an end years ago, there's no telling how this return will be handled. There are no shortage of options for G4 to make its return though. While it could very well come back as its own channel again, it could also be an online-only channel or may be wrapped into a streaming service. The Video Game Entertainment and News Network, or VENN for short, has been described as a "live 24/7 network for gaming, streaming, esports and entertainment audiences" with its own slate of shows to present soon, so maybe we'll see G4's return follow some similar strategy.

For now though, all we have is the teaser to go off of with everything else left to speculation. Now that the G4 Twitter account is back online, that'll be one of the best places to keep an eye on for any future announcements which will inevitably be shared there as we learn more about this return.