GameStop Stores Closed on Thanksgiving Day

As part of its holiday plans, GameStop today announced that all stores based in the United States will be closed on Thanksgiving Day. Notably, the company says that the website and new mobile app will continue taking orders, and this does not apply to stores outside of the United States -- which are not directly mentioned, but also, not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving Day, so it makes sense that only the United States would do this in the first place.

"While we are passionate about serving our customers, we want both our guests and our associates to have the opportunity to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday and spend time with family and friends," said George Sherman, chief executive officer for GameStop, as part of today's announcement. "For those customers wanting to do some online shopping, our and GameStop mobile app will be open for business all day. We invite our valued customers to take advantage of our omni-channel ecosystem from the convenience and comfort of their homes."

While United States-based GameStop stores will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, the company has not yet revealed its full Black Friday plans. "This year GameStop is committing to hosting more Pre-Black Friday sale events than ever before to help gift-givers not to worry about finding the video game software, hardware, accessories, or pop culture collectible items on their shopping list," the press release reads in part. That could possibly mean that the physical stores themselves aren't open as long as usual, but in all likelihood? Expect GameStop to open extremely early on Black Friday, especially given that the stores will be closed the day before.

What do you think about GameStop closing all of its United States-based stores on Thanksgiving Day? Do you plan to do any Black Friday shopping this year? Let us know in the comments, or feel free to hit me up directly on Twitter at @rollinbishop to talk about all things gaming!


Photo by Johnny Louis/Getty Images