This GameStop Code Will Give You Ten Percent Off Pretty Much Everything

GameStop’s Black Friday sale is happening now, with a number of impressive markdowns available [...]


GameStop's Black Friday sale is happening now, with a number of impressive markdowns available on systems and games alike, including several titles for $10, a PlayStation 4 Pro system for $349 (cheaper than the usual $399 price) and a lot of other great deals. But the price could get even better, if a certain coupon code is used the right way.

Our good Twitter friend Wario64 recently posted some tweets talking about a special coupon code that can be used on GameStop's website that will give you an additional ten percent off your purchase, regardless of what you purchase. The code, "TY10", can apply towards games and systems alike.

For instance, you can use the coupon code on the PlayStation 4 Pro, which is already marked down to $349, and bring it down even further, to $314.99 before tax and shipping. That's the lowest price you can get it for right now. Wario64 even posted a tweet, which can be seen below, that shows the checkout price.

But let's say you want to go the other way and get the Xbox One X. Surprise, the code works for that system as well. Even though it's at a much higher price than the PS4 Pro, you can snag an Xbox One X for the low price of $449.99. Again, check out the tweet below to see the checkout price, as posted by Wario64.

You can also get a Nintendo Switch/Super Mario Odyssey bundle for just $323.99. Savings!

It's unsure how much longer the code will be working, as GameStop could pull the plug on it sooner rather than later. So head on over to their website and see how quickly you can apply it, especially if you're looking to pick up a game system. It's just the savings you could use to turn those extra dollars into other purchases – or maybe pocket something for yourself during this holiday season.

GameStop's website is open now, and stores should also be open now, though it looks like the code can only be used online.