GameStop Database Adds 15 Mystery Nintendo Switch Games Ahead of E3

We’re not too far off from this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, and it’s building up [...]

Nintendo Switch

We're not too far off from this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, and it's building up to a fever pitch. Hot on the heels of an accidental Walmart leak that may have revealed some of the games we'll see at the event, a recent listing at GameStop has popped up. It indicates that the Nintendo Switch could be in for a slew of announcements when Nintendo's Direct special takes place on June 12.

Originally spotted on Resetera, the listing shows a total of 15 different mystery SKU's set up for Nintendo Switch. While names and release dates weren't given (they simply read "Available SKU" with a release date of 12/31/2018), this indicates that Nintendo could have some killer announcements lined up.

Considering how their past presentations have gone, we'll likely see both first and third-party titles revealed during the Nintendo Direct special, which these SKUs seem to be set in place for. And they aren't indie titles either; they all have a price of $59.99, indicating they're full-on AAA titles.

Nintendo had previously stated that this year's Direct, set to air at 9 AM PDT through its social channels, will focus on games that are coming out this year. Obviously we know about a few titles like Super Smash Bros., but that leaves some interesting questions as to what else could release. There's a chance we probably won't see Bayonetta 3 and/or Metroid Prime 4 until 2019 (unless they get done sooner maybe), so that means we're in for a bunch of announcements.

It's too early to guess what the announcements are, but we do know there were some speculated title. Members of our team want nothing more than to play Fallout 4 on the Nintendo Switch; and there's talk that Call of Duty will finally arrive on the handheld in the form of a special Battle Royale game. And don't forget that EA could be in the hunt with a slew of sports and other games, as FIFA 18 has proven to be a big success for them on the Switch.

We'll just have to wait for the next few weeks to see what gets announced. But it's going to be good, judging by how excited we've gotten before with Nintendo reveals.

We'll recap the Nintendo Direct special as it happens on June 12!