GameStop Confirms New PlayStation 5 In-Store Restock

GameStop has confirmed that it will have a PlayStation 5 restock in stores very soon. GameStop is the biggest gaming-focused retailer out there and although it has had some woes in recent years resulting in significant layoffs, its remaining presence ensures it will be the best place to get physical games. Not only does the retailer offer used games and allow customers to trade in games they no longer want, but it has been one of the only ways to get a PlayStation 5 in-store. Most retailers have opted to just shift all of its stock to online orders, largely because they fly off the shelf immediately, but GameStop has gotten larger stocks and has been able to justify selling them in-store.

On July 16th, gamers can go to their local GameStop to try and get a PlayStation 5. There are a couple of catches, though. Customers must be signed up for GameStop's Power Up Rewards Pro membership, which does cost a fee. This offer is only available to these members, so it is non-negotiable. The second and final catch is that you will likely have to buy a bundle. GameStop has been selling its stock with extra items such as games, accessories, and gift cards. Although these are good starter packs for new PlayStation 5 owners, they run up the cost quite a lot from it's usual $499 price point. These bundles can start at around $700, making it a steep purchase. Of course, these typically include PS5 exclusives like Horizon Forbidden West and gift cards to buy other games, but some people just want the console and will deal with the other stuff later.

Either way, this is your opportunity to get one if you have the cash to drop on it. Now is an ideal time to start trying to acquire a PlayStation 5 as God of War Ragnarok is slated to release in November. It's expected to be one of the biggest games of 2022, but it will also be on PS4 if you can't get a PS5.

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