New PS5 Restock Taking Place In-Store at GameStop

A new restock of Sony's PlayStation 5 console is set to take place later this week in-store at certain GameStop locations. This week happens to be a big promotional period for GameStop with the longtime video game retailer preparing to hold its "Pro Days" sale beginning on Friday. And while there will be a number of games discounted to coincide with this sale, the latest restock of the PS5 will also be taking place at this time. 

Beginning on June 24th, this new restock of the PS5 at GameStop is set to transpire. As mentioned before, not every GameStop location will be taking part in this restock, so the storefront closest to where you live might not have any PS5 consoles to sell. In addition, GameStop is only holding this sale opportunity for those who are PowerUp Rewards Pro members. This is something that GameStop has done quite often in the past, and in short, it means you'll have to purchase a membership with the retail chain before you're allowed to then buy the PS5. If you aren't a member, then those at GameStop simply won't sell you the console. 

The only downside with this whole situation is that, as we've seen in the past, GameStop will seemingly only be selling these PS5 consoles as part of larger bundles that customers have to buy. This means that even if you do have the chance to buy a PS5, you won't be able to snag the console alone. Instead, GameStop will only sell the platform in tandem with larger packages that contain various PS5 games, additional DualSense controllers, or other assorted items. You can get a better idea of what some of these bundles might look like in the tweet attached above. 

Are you going to look to try to snag a PS5 for yourself in this new restock at GameStop? Or have you instead given up entirely with your pursuit of buying the PS5? Let me know either down in the comments or reach out to me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.